Naturally the Amis won the Iraq war. Because the Iraq was from the beginning naturally never a serious opponent for the waramis. Because none was present in the people embodied liberation movement as for instance in Viet Nam. Because one out-bleeds the Iraq nevertheless still 12 years long, so that the soldiers Saddham Husseins had only no modern weapons.
And whether the Iraq had ever more "means of mass destruction" than perhaps a few barrels with pesticides from the agriculture? But what in our normal chemistry-ate in remainders is contained, cannot frighten too much. As the Ami war propaganda had blown up itself one would have really expected more. At least a few small atom bombs or a poisonous gas attack on Jerusalem. But nothing such a thing.
Thank God naturally, but closer attention turns out that more puts behind than the war propaganda lies of the Amis, with which they owing to their supremacy in the media have covered the whole planet with brainwashing penetrance.
The old saying that the military war is the continuation of the policy with other means (is it not even German origin? ) the former large German enemies have made themselves today completely to their own slogan: USA, England, Israel.
New it is nowadays that there is no more nation and no people, which would be able seriously, to set against the world bloodsucker web somewhat. Therefore those, who want still hold the entire planet under their military knout, must generate even their future opponents.
As thus in the 80's it had become clear that the 3. World war does not take place in Europe and Europe thanks to God has set on the option peace, the imperialistic bloodsucker states had made clear already for a long time in the Near East a new war and battle area.
The zionistic Jews at the head hand in hand with the English, produced already right after the end of world war 2 the war with all variants inclusive terrorism around Jerusalem. With a half century of the continuous penetration with the eternal confrontation Jew < > Arabs they have in-flogged in a insufferable way into the brain of each somehow politically interested humans and everything done for legitimizing the permanent war as political everyday life.
In the 80's it applied then to completely produce aimed the final solution for the Near East. The Taliban, which with their Osama Bin Laden later should stand for the "world terror network", are a completely own creation of the Americans and the English, first against the Russians, and then at one time against the Amis themselves. Afghanistans strictest shielded, the women mouth death made, thereby into all secretness only that the action 911 could be prepared. And all preparations happened under discrete control of the English and American secret services, which were versed in the best way with their former favorites.
The 11th of September is thus an absolute self production of the world freemason and illuminate associations , which served only one intention: the military war, no longer all too popular is nowadays, to establish than as normal political procedure in the New Millenium.
The whole One World fantasies of the Englishmen and Americans are nothing but the attempt, to expand the nasty, undemocratic and unfree society system of the USA, which tries to lead the population into total stupidity, onto the whole planet. This One World is naturally steered from New York from central, the wealth of the planet is naturally plundered and accumulated to Amiland.
In order to secure this crying unfair plan, one needs a monsterlike military-terroristic machinery, needs one the air superiority on the whole planet, so that one is able to bomb each enemy flat from safe height. And also the project Saddham Hussein is an absolute self production of the Americans and English. Was there not, when Saddham sat in the saddle, first a war 10 years long(!) between Iraq and Iran, in which the Amis were located on the side of Saddham, and which did not have other purpose to construct than a some-measured battle-seasoned Iraqi army.
Handstruggling thus the world war drivers look today for opponents and are gladly ready these to feed and to nuzzle. They try to conserve desperately to conserve a politic understanding from the past, after which thatone has the final political say, which has the strongest military-terroristic machinery. Only well that the Amis and the other war possessed nations from the first world have to lose as much and at the same time so cowardly are. As soon as a country places itself really times on the hind legs, like India, Pakistan or also North Korea, then they draw in fast the tail. Thank God.


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