Normally the Englishmen give themselves always friendly, cool and practice-substantially. But if their true core is demanded, then the actual face of the Top blood auger number 1 shows up behind the front: in the case of doubt unrestrainedly lead war and go across corpses, because the most distinguished goal is the status Quo, which applies to receive world bloodsucker order. The Englishmen do that for centuries and they thereby without doubt were world-wide most successful.
And in the case of doubt the Englishmen use then also gladly the Moloch USA as ramming support, in order to use its gigantic military machinery for the purposes of the world blood auger order. Thus the Englishmen have reaped most colonies themselves, North America and Australia native with adventurers and criminal ones penetrated, have together with the US Americans in 2. World war Germany unscrupulous bombed flat, to last the reunification of divided Germany resisted. Also deviationists in the own royal house are liquidated like Diana, cold-smiling.
In Africa locally and elsewhere in the 3. World hears one always again hope that the world order, which brought exploitation, desert and poverty for the developing countries only dominated by the Englishmen, is replaced from a fairer world order.
And indeed the black age approaches to mankind, thus the bloodsucker age, which had begun with the building of pyramids in Egypt, its end.
The Pharaonen had first established hierarchical imposed system, then second the religion of the Christianity was detected as wondrous instrument, to internalise the blood auger order in the heads of humans and thirdly finally one found out that nicotine in the plant tobacco optimally is suitable, to in-blue the bloodsucker system also into the subconscious of humans. Simply because tobacco, which the Indians used occasionally, to absorb their aggression energy and the combat will, is optimally suitable to reduce with its poison the life energy altogether. Thus the last problem was solved that alive humans under tyranny the bloodsucker have always a notorious surplus of life energy.
As well-being to say leaves itself that without 5000 years bloodsucker system the today's conditions of the civilization did not have at all to be reached, then here we donít want to meditate all over the past. But we want now to harvest the fruits of the reached and we know that in the 3. Millenium no more bloodsucker order is used. Thus it gives no more necessity to out-bleed the earth (water, oil) and just as little exists the necessity, humans to out-bleed (exploitation, poverty, hunger, slavery).
And due to this development also the imperialistic hegemony the bloodsucker leading world-wide, which lined always their own pockets, is absolutely out of time. The order of the bloodsucker system on the planet earth survived itself actually for lack of mass. Billions humans in worst poverty, the last forests in the Tropics or at the polar circle almost cleared, substantial propagation of the desert in hot as in cold regions. If power is broken to the bloodsucker not very fast, then the beautiful planet Earth will be after 1000 years as dead as Mars already today.
Succeeds on the other hand embodying a new moral, which places the common interest of planet and humans over the short term low interests of greed and self-interest, substantial in collective consciousness and subconsciousness then can itself from the earth the mist blooming and most beautiful planet to develop, about which one can only dream today.
The question arises only how the New Moral with such a strength and striking power can be equipped that it is able to replace the bloodsucker system.


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