Once again the world had the gruesome pleasure to experience the true character of the US Amis, who are nothing different than worst war monger antics and racists. This country, in which humans completely degenerated indicate the tone, does not have any scruples to plunder the rest of the world for their national-egoistic interests and to cover everyone with war, which resists. They are unparalleled racists, which intone a tearful lamentation over a few dead US soldiers and are able at the same time to slaughter with their giga bomb terror innumerable Non-Americans without twitching any lash.
These Freemasons, Illuminats and other secret society members, these true rulers of the USA, had before a few decades still more adipose plans: They actually wanted the large atomic bang between the USA and at that time USSR to let take place in the middle of Europe. After the peace movement could turn thank God this away, the next dark plan of the international lodge scene was Yugoslavia with its upper Freemason Tito. The Third World War should begin in Yugoslavia and spread its horror over complete Europe. But also this dark conspiracy the Europeans could turn away thank God.
Now thus in the Near East and it looks actually so, as if the Amifaces would have now decided, to proclaim the ware to the rest of the planet earth and one can hope only with all strength that this size-mad and degenerate project will finally and for ever break the US Amis the neck.
Fact is that these adventurers and criminal ones, who broke in before 500 years in America did not change its nature a centimeter. At the beginning slaughtering other humans ( the Indians ) and unrestrained plundering off the natural wealth of a whole continent.
In that 20th century the US warantics then have been in full cry: The whole world cover with war terror, if it dances not after the Amiwhistle. Minimum is to let oneself be exploited economically, to feed the large dollar machine with money and bravely work the Amiantics into the bag. With their dollar capital stock exchange they understood it skillfully to suck the wealth to the USA.
Because US Americans are rather putrid than the remainder of mankind, there are commercial balance sheet deficits. In order to adjust, one sucks the money off of the other nations. Furthermore one speculates in oil and raw materials in such a manner, that always enough remains on US accounts. Thus for example by the notorious World trade center the entire European oil market was controlled.
In order to secure all these outrageous unfairnesses, one needs naturally this gigantomanic military machine of terror, equal the Imperium, as it is very splendid described in the superfilm "Starwars". This US American military monster fights only reluctantly, has giant fear of equal opponents and has only one main strategy: All bombing flat, cowardly approach of completely high against countries, which have partly even no serious Air Force:
Germany in 2. World war, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia and now evenly the Iraq. Perhaps shortly also yet Syria, Iran or North Korea. Even old chancellor Kohl, whom the Amis had coned so during and after the reunification duly, saw himself now ( 03.04.2003 ) forced to take position against the world domination plans of the USA.
Exactly the same as outward for the security of this us-imperialistic megaterror the monster military machine is necessary, then inward an enormous expenditure of brain laundry and manipulation is necessary, in order to stupefy the US Amis so that they remain with the bar and do not notice that the democratic achievements and liberties are long to the devil.
And what particularly is foul and nevertheless at the same time very much-saying: The Christianity, with which the colonialists already justified its campaign before 500 years against the native Americans, developed today in the USA to a pervers dictatorial, nearly already fascist obligation ideology, which operated all original liberty and freemasons ideals in the absolute opposite. There this scruplesless demagogue Bush can nevertheless actually put himself, and compare its war and death-fanaticism with the crusades of the Middle Ages.
Naturally, if the Christian religion is still suitable today, against all twaddle of the clerics, for murder and homicide, with which one covers the rest of the world, to legitimize, and that in the 3. Millenium, then shows up with all clarity, as extremely urgently this Christianity to be neutralized and dissolved, or better on a higher stage to have to be transformed. The fact that the dreams of the Jew Jesus Christ or what others from it made, do end again and again to war and spoiling, must nevertheless quite give to think.
There the Jews with their ideology of the permanence of the war ( eye around eye, tooth around tooth ) are nevertheless somehow closer at the up-to-date real reality. This strange people syndrome that for many years to the whole world without own scruples can demonstrate and up-corrode the tormenting of the Palestinians. And naturally the mentioned racism of the US Amis has also its roots in the Judaism. This religion, which is as racistic as none otherwise in the world, because one can join her only, if one is born as a Jew, has itself also looked-out Amiland to its favourite country. But with liberty they mean in each case the liberty of the "with higher order ones", while other humans 2nd and 3rd and 4th etc. class merely not should get on the idea to stress same rights for themselves.
Judaism and Christianity are thus equally a cause of the US-fiasko and it is really a ridiculous joke, if a Polish Pope twaddles against the war, naturally achieving nothing and immediately after that the Polish government above all fully creeps the Amis into the ass. Altogether one can only hope that the Amis dig theirselves in the Near East their own grave and that the USA collapses at it completely. To that it does not speak against, that the few US Amis, which still know, what moral and a character are, and which recognize, which debt loaded their country in particular into the past and in this century on itself, in Europe refuge to search are allowed.


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