The whole planet must bleed and above all pay, only that some gentlemen
are able to hunt for the dream of the second Creation.
It concerns the business with the illness, which we must subsidize all obligatory. The whole nation is condemned to it, a complete profession to fatten, without anyone was allowed to decide before whether he wants to take part in this whole health insurance company swindle at all.
That is extremely unconstitutional. It is a mediaeval and undemocratic dictatorship in white, which may rip off unpunished all others.
Exclusive to the well-being of the pharmaindustry and the medical-industrial complex. I.e. the health insurance companies support only a quite specific direction of the welfare art, means the mechanical-technical of the science. And they maintain actually perkily and without scruples, the "school medicine" would be the only blessedly making one.
And that is the next reason, why the health insurance company imposed system is absolutely unconstitutional. The health insurance companies force upon a medicine, which I do not want at all to have to me.
If I prefer nature cures, rather grasp the methods of the Homoeopathie or the Symbiosis Steering, then I must pay everything completely by my own. Why I have to deposit into this obligation cash, although I know e.g. completely exactly that I will never go into a hospital. The only school physician, whom I visit regularly, is my dentist. There I can insure me nevertheless exclusively against tooth problems, or say, if with the artificial dentures anyhow a high own contribution is demanded from me, then I rather watch out super-well for my teeth, go every 1/2 year as a check, pay these small calculations myself and don't insure not at all.
The evil of the business with the illness is, it is absolutely the wrong approach to make as a physician with the illness the money. A physician, who today can look at himself again with good conscience in the mirror, makes his money with the health. One of the really great precursors in this area is Dr. Rath. This exemplary physician in the meantime originated a completely large vitamin movement and showed the school medicine with its Cellular Medicine a totally new direction.
Dr. Rath discovered that all modern "epidemics", thus mass diseases such as cardiac infarct, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes and cancer are to be attributed to a bad condition of all individual cells involved.
And the principal reason for bad cells is the unsatisfactory supply of vitamins and minerals. A chronic lack of vitamin C can be made clinically responsible in the meantime for the cardiac infarct and the arteriosclerosis. "Why don't animals get a cardiac infarct?" one of the famous books of Rath asks. The answer is astonishing: In contrast to the human body the animal can produce body-own vitamin C. This gene seems to have probably been taken away from humans in the context of the "campaign original sin".
And vitamins, whose central importance for the human health penetrates slowly into consciousness, do of course not pay the health insurance companies. Withal the old saying "preventing is better than healing" becomes in astounding way again topical.
But the health insurance companies are the extended arm of the chemical-pharma-industry and the medical-technical-industrial complex. And these straight live from the fact that humans become really ill, and then they can tinker with them. Therefore they fight also the vitamin movement so violently, because if humans became really healthier, then the business with the illness would be spoiled for them.
Again in all clarity: With the use of vitamines, minerals and naturally also the welfare plant hemp, can be exterminated the modern people epidemics. And in order to help such a development to the break-through, we must free ourselves from the imposed system of the disease cashes as fast as possible.

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