The Question:

Billions humans are dependent on the tabacco.
Why for heaven's sake has just a highly toxic plant
the world monopoly on the legal smoke pleasure ??

The answer:

There are 100s other species of plants for the fun at the fag.
Our Herbarettes are composed in unique mixtures.
They contain guaranteed not a trace of nicotine,
tar and carbon monoxide contains the smoke naturally also.

The realisation:

It takes 2 years with a secured investment of 3 million euro.
Thereby are estimated one third each for marketing, production and selling.
Of each gained profit keep our financial partners
their fair portion according to their insert.

The project:

Our Herbarettes consists exclusively of pharmacy-certified commodity,
thus of herbs, as they are offered for health teas.
Without doubts you can put the content of a Herbarette into a teacup,
add cooking water to and enjoy a stimulating tea.
But do merely not do that with a tobacco cigarette.

The invention:

The Herbarettes, which we propagate, are not placebos,
otherwise they would not be so excellently capable withdrawing the nicotine.
But they have equally to the tobacco
an inspring, refreshing and a sociability promoting effect.