The end of the smoke

Now finally I found out,
what's actually is a matter at all on the spiritual level.

I smoke no more anything,
all the same which, also no joss sticks or the like.
I simply want no more such holy things
burn with the fire and, the rest,
that leaves the fire remain to me, to inhale,
and keep the tar and destroy with the carbon monoxide
my red blood corpuscles and thus
choke the oxygene supply for my body.

I simply want the holy presents of nature
for me alone and no more share with the fire !

All the tobacco Indians aye are able
to bake their holy plant also into the cake.
However they don't do so, therefore
all tobacco-dependent for to time of withdrawal
get offered Herbarettes to buy and to smoke.
After four weeks they are on
3 Herbarettes per day, after 3 months on null.
The tobacco company, which jumps on that,
makes the final business of its life.

In principle prevails then strictest prohibition of smoking
for at least the next 1000 years !
The oxygen consuming fire must
disappear out from the human civilization,
in order that the earth doesn't die
of the carbon dioxide collapse like once the Venus.

And because as well known everything begins in the spirit,
the humans must break off smoking off butts,
joints or anything else,
before the industry stops the oxygen squandering
and cars no more exhaust bad gases.

It is a moral issue for the Gods
on the theshhold of the New Millenium, that humans
may free themselves from the force of red fire,
for to be able to carry out on
this planet the dreamed paradies.

8. 8. 2003 / 8. 12. 2012