The human race developed
in the past 8000 years
to malicious vermin,
which threaten to destroy
the biosphere of the planet earth.

But it is not by any means
an inevitable fate ,
that humans with the destruction
of their natural base of life
exterminate themselves.

Completely in the opposite
the human races
must change only some,
however completely fundamental
behavior patterns,
and then the earth
is an absolutely ideal place
for a unique symbiosis
between them
and the rest of the nature.

The unbelievably rich potential
of mother nature,
thus the natural creation,
has been so far above all
recognized by the chemical-technical
biologists and physician.

The way, how they let the humans
by malnutrition first become ill
and then abuse them
billionfold as guinea pigs,
let the suspicion arise ,
that the modern physicians are steered
by extraterrestial powers,
which want to cannibalize only
the know-how and the secrets
of the human life-form,
however do not give a damn
about the health of the human race.

In the opposite, they are
for their research purposes
completely hipped to get
as much as possible ill humans.

How does one achieve that
as many as possible humans become ill ?
By one applies the principle
- you are, what you eat -
in a diabolic way.

One undermines the health
of humans and/or the whole nature
most all-effectively, if one omits
essential materials from the nutrition,
which are intended
in the natural structural design.
That begins with denaturing of grain
goes on with the production
of miserable food out of
chemically force-feeded plants
up to a gene manipulation with
completely missed objectives,
which tops the arranged disaster.

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Republica Dominicana - 26-MAR-2006