The final rescue of the modern national budget
Release from the mantrap of debts
and never again a pact with the banks
Which is the major task of the modern state??
There is definitely only one:
To press out of its citizens as much money as possible. Only alone for the purpose to allow the banks maximum extra growth at expense of the taxpayers.
To squeeze the citizens for maximum money.
With our taxes we invest not into the future of Germany, resp. into the future of Europe, but alone into the bags of the international (!) banks, because it can borrow everyone the state somewhat. Not better humans are in the third world, also they work only for the supermachines of the planetary bloodsucker scene, the banks.
Certainly one could privatise many fields of activity of the state, beginning with the ill and pension insurances. That would be much fairer to the citizen, who could for example completely freely select the direction of their medical supply, evenly something else than the technical immensely expensive school medicine insure, for example only accident and Homoeopathie or Shamanism.
But that is not at all the point of the international modern state misery !!!
FuturePlanetEarth energizes here, i.e. as us actively to endeavor to bring an economical research project into being alone concerned with this question:
What costs a state without debts ??
How the financial situation of the state on every three levels ( municipalities, countries and federation ) would be, if it were forbidden the state to make and have debts. FuturePlanetEarth will initiate a competition for the new calculation of the budgets of 2004, and we will recompence the best work with fantasyful prices.
The task: Confrontation and evaluation e.g. the Federal Budget 2004 with and without debt posts. A task, which can master each national economy student with pre-degree with data from generally accessible sources on its PC without problems. Only all expenditures for the debt service must be out-counted, thus for interest and repayment and at the same time naturally all incomes by new indebtedness. Similarly at the countries and the municipalities.
No interest,
no repayment,
no new indebtedness
Only if the budget of our state is released from the feeding service for the machines of the bloodsucker scene, then the discussion among us citizens can begin, how much money we actually need for our state ? If we take in too little, then we must increase the taxes or lower the costs.
Saving now does however in no case mean to neglect necessary tasks but only: the state must give back the responsibility.
The state must give responsibility back to the people
That would be the 2nd resp. next research project: Around like much per cent the expenditures of the owe-settled budged could be reduced, if the costs of the bureaucracy were saved. At the AOK insurance f.e. we heard 90 %.
Bureaucracy is a rot product of the blood auger system. There is neither the fresh wind of the free market nor the idealism of the public utility.
Privatisation is a completely missed expression. The point is in reality, the responsibility for common tasks, e.g. child education to socialise again directly ( in cooperative ones and e.V.s, those could be also of public utility then and one could set off the support from the tax ), instead of socialising them alienatedly on the level of the state.
Of public utility also stands for strengthening parents rights, because for heaven's sake, if we denationalize state functions, we do not want new national bureaucracy, which bullies then the denationalized.
Of public utility stands for strengthening parents rights
The right and the obligation for controlling must be alone with parents, the state can only provide a general framework of rules.
We do stop the national debt service and the state takes up not one new credit more, and then the banks must see how they rectify the situation with adjustments of value. Since all are concerned, no bank is here in principle disadvantaged. Such a cut functioned only world-wide and must be sanctioned by the UN.
But for the banks no way goes apart from understanding the fact that it was an absolute error to give the states of credits.
An absolute error was to give to the state of credits.
While each private citizen can abscond from the stranglehold of the banks by insolvency or declaration of bankruptcy in an emergency, the states do not have this rescue parachute.
For the banks the business with the state is without any risk, from the grasp of this debt constrictor snake it gives for us virtual citizens only a release by radical measures and a complete roll up of the national financing system.
Who argues, the state needs nevertheless in times of distress means for specially financial support, thatone is said, then the state in good times must save, put perhaps 20 % of its incomes on side.

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Our state today is no more instrument of the citizens,
but has mutated itself to a greedy monster