This international financial crisis is the oath of disclosure
of the international bloodsucker system.

For the bloodsucking banks there are only two options:
Either in the near future on the whole earth
an unordered collapse of the financial structures
with the total loss of all existing superordinate systems
or an regulatory restart after the understanding and
the removal of the structural cause of the evil.

For humans on the planet the two options
place themselves in such a way:
Either the dissolution of the national and international
structures after the model of Somalia
or a change of the international financial system from
a bloodsucking monster to a serving service industry.

The only possible solution of this current
international financial crisis is not difficult,
requires however all the more courageous acting.

It applies to eliminate an thousands of years old
structure error with which banks and other money lenders
betrayed their own logic:

Financing is always a business with the risk, therefor
there are the interests. If a private citizen or a private company
cannot do no more, the solution is called bankruptcy,
the company is lost and to the bank remain
the collaterals for utilization. Both sides lost - so far so bad.

The structural disaster began in the moment,
when money was lent at debtors,
who cannot make bankruptcy:
communes, countries, states and international institutions.
In doing so the international bloodsuckers detain the citizen
for thousands of years into eternal captivity as a hostage,
from which only the total war
with a total destruction appears as freeing way.
Because public corporations can carry out
neither an oath of disclosure nor announce bankruptcy.

Therefore the present projects of the politicians
to borrow over the state from the one banks the money
in order to support with it different banks or industries,
are only suitably to make all worse
and to produce a further financial blister
on the way to the final collapse.

To the restructuring of the world-wide financing system
only two substantial developments are to be initiated,
if we still want to keep the banks as financial service providers:

First of all internationally, thus world-wide and synchronously,
this structure error of the financial system must be eliminated:
Credits only to private persons and companies, but no more cent
to states and other public institutions of the virtual citizen.
If the state may not make debts,
it can draw only from the taken taxes.
If it needs more, it must ask the citizens
for higher taxes or simply save.

Today particularly in the poor countries of the so called
third world the absolute disaster of the state indebtedness
is driven on the summit . The industrial nations borrow out,
the international gamblers speculate and collect the debts,
and humans in these developing countries drudge
only for interest and repayment.

Secondly the only alternative to the world-wide total collapse
of all superordinate structures is an honest and radical new start,
which is called so:
On the day X world-wide a RESET is accomplished on all accounts:
whether plus or minus, all accounts are set to ZERO.
This measure is singular, saves us however at least for this millenium.

In doing so all humans win exactly the same
as environment and nature:
Above all the third world countries can breathe deeply again
without debts, need their resources and their environment
no longer for the interest and repayment vultures to pillage
and can make a new start. Without ever taking up again
a cent debt at home or abroad.
Humans in the industrialized countries with debts are liberated
from their load and have a fair chance for its new start.
Humans with savings balances or savings agreements
for building purposes are likewise among the winners,
because the state then free from debts
can replace problem-free their assets.

That is totally important: With such a reset
of all accounts there are no losers among humans.
Even the international system of the banks is liberated:
Its intolerable role as bloodsucking world monster
is dissolved into an international service group,
which serves humans on the way into the future
and not presses them out like lemons or
turns them through the interest mincer.

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8-DEZ-2008 / 25-NOV-2011