It is very best, if no garbage develops.

There the German waste management with 4 to 6 containers
is exemplary, but still is 100x developable.
The recycling can be brought so far to perfection,
that the companies can take back all their products,
thus impose a refund,
with which usable raw materials can be won.
Or better, they unite after product sections
and operate the recycling together.
The citizen can e.g. redeem then the music, radio and TV-devices
of all manufacturers at the same place.

Each sold product must let itself generally
at any time on the basis of a clear identification
be monitored from the production to the utilization in the Internet.
The consumer needs to be able to set off at any time access
to all product informations and the possibility
to transmit critique and improvement suggestions .

The bio garbage utilization of Rhein-Main-BioKompost
in Frankfurt/Main is exemplary. They produce valuable compost
for the improvement of the fertility of each ground.
And in addition they win gas for energy production.

What however not at all will work in this context
is the production of gasoline or diesel
from food or animal feeds.
That is really a bad sin against the creation
and in view of the world-wide hunger crisis more than ever !!!!

Who makes such a thing, does not only have lost
each respect for the creation and for God,
but he injures also a fundamental parameter,
which is at all a condition for each industrial action:
The produced product must have
a qualitatively higher level than the raw material.
If not, then Njet, we don't make it,
even if it should bring profit at short term.

And everything that supports and promotes life,
the actual miracle on this planet,
has already from the outset a higher quality
than a dead technical auxiliary material.
Which in addition the earth itself has ready
in their enormous recycling plants under the rock.
And if mankind learns to respect mineral oil and
natural gas as wise precaution of nature
and to deal economically with that
instead of pitching into it with predatory greed,
then the supplies suffice too.

This technology of Rhein-Main-BioKompost
is also optimally suitable to knock on the head
our scandalous handling of the corpses of the deceased.
Scandalous is this habit spread everywhere on the planet
to bury the dead bodies in a wooden box hermetically locked
and as hundreds of years durable as possible.
That must be forbidden immediately, because:
first of all the seeping out fluid of the decaying and/or
mummifying bodies results in a terrible contamination
of the groundwater with corpse poison.
Secondly this funeral method is a central cause for the
all-comprehensive vampirism, which troubles the earth.
Because naturally the Drakula and vampire tales are right.
If I conserve a deceased body for many decades,
or as with the old rulers centuries or thousands of years,
then the soul is drawn back again and again to its body,
cannot reincarnate itself in a new body,
but continues their old life as disastrous vampire ghost,
sucks off the living's energy and manipulates
with priority and the former members.

Fortunately not only the polluting fire funeral is
an alternative, but there is some much more better.
In a procedure developed by a Norwegian a dead body
can be recycled into a valuable bio raw material.
After death one becomes not ashes,
but content-rich fertilizer for country and garden.
This technology functions in such a way:
The corpse is deeply frozen in liquid nitrogen,
mechanically crushed, and then by means of freeze drying
the water is withdrawed from the material.
The finished granulates has neutral smell and can be added
problem-free in the bio compost plant.
Or naturally also with respect for the desire of individual reverence
help the flowers on the burial place of the loved family member
to beautiful growth for many years.

Optimized recycling is a very valuable contribution
for removing the catastrophic dissipation of resources,
which however already takes place at production and everywhere.
Dissipation of resources belongs as explicit
elements of an offence in the penal code.
Humans should be rewarded with bonuses for if they bring
constantly, world-wide and into the last angle of the planet
each form of dissipation of resources
via Internet into the light of the public.
And which tremendous quantities of most valuable raw materials,
most valuable precious metals let themselves be saved
solely from Iraq and from other theaters of war,
if this war insanity of material
and people wasting has finally an end.

But even if succeeds bringing the worldwide recycling quote
for garbage on well over 90%. always remains the residual waste,
which, burned or not, must find
its ultimate waste repository on a dumping site.
And again a teensy part of this residual waste
causes a tremendous problem for humans.
It is so incompatible for the biosphere and the life on the planet
that anywhere a suitable ultimate waste disposal cannot be found.
That is the high-radioactive atomic waste
and the ultra-poisonous chemical waste.
Temporary storage facilities production with the principle hope,
which one can remove things there soon again of.

In Germany with its highly developed environmental awareness
this unresolved disposal question gives again and again
a giant throng for the anti-nuclear activists.
Why the responsible persons do not come on a brilliant idea
to the radioactive waste dumping,
with which they could take the nuclear energy deniers
once and for all the wind from the sails ?
Naturally, the valuable atomic raw material,
until we can transfer once to the hydrogen fusion,
is used much too little. Fast breeders are the indispensable
last link in the utilization chain for atomic fuel,
but such a thousand of years work may not stand
in view of climate change in a lowland with flooding danger (Kalkar).

Although, also after fast breeder reactor remains
high-radioactive final garbage, which cannot be
processed any more, but which must away.
To a place, where it must be kept away for n X 1.000.000,
in words many million years from the biosphere.
Nobody can guarantee for a salt stock or a mine
that the high-radioactive garbage does not leak
over the two elements air and water into the environment.
Without air and water there is no life,
which can come into danger.
There is no place on earth without air and water ?
A place, where there are only the two other elements
of the life, i.e. stone and (suns) fire ?

But however it does exist, and this part of the earth has itself,
wise foresight of the Creation is thanks,
before billions of years separated from the earth
and circuits it today as biologically dead satellite.
The 7- til 8-fold of the earth diameter away,
is that at the beginning of the 3rd millenium more than one cat leap ?
A marvelous place for all high-radioactive final garbage
and ultra-poisonous chemistry final garbage, which can
radiate and evaporate there along undisturbed millions of years.
No air and no water, no biosphere, which can be contaminated.

This optimal ultimate waste disposal on the earth satellite
gives a second great importance to the moon apart from
its effect on the terrestrial water by means of gravity.
The whole highly toxic final garbage,
which humans will still inevitably produce,
can be delivered there problem-free.
Everything a perfect job for robots without meat and blood.

It is completely important to make with the deposition on the moon no wrong error. Never deposit high-radioactive and chemo+toxic things on a heap, which could react by the influence of the solar power, explode and damage the moon or bring it out from its course. Instead everything to distribute dust fine all over the moon . Only as dust veil distributed, the garbage remains lying eternally surely. If the satellite shines in the long term a little more brightly, would be nevertheless nice. Or ?

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