Ratzi I notices,
you make exactly the right.
The Enzyclica was dead right.
And now the
remarkable statement
on the Mohammed
defamation caricatures of the Danes.

Because we still agree on the fact ,
that it would be
all-most beautiful,
if the nuclear war in the front Orient
would not take place.

Naturally the Iranians may have
nuclear weapons,
if all have which around them.
Why shall the rightly
proud Persians abstain
from the liberty of extortion ?

And if everyone in the front Orient
has nuclear weapons then,
then the art is made up,
of not using these
hell creations
and learning with their control
the international peace.

India and Pakistan have shown,
that they can watch out well
for these horror weapons,
and whether these countries
found a way to the peace
despite or because of the nuclear weapons,
about that the public as a start
must think correctly.

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