Inauguration for a life with the Gods
With the topic drugs bend state and far parts of the society to the hysteria, although they do not have of it the smallest notion. Because the drugs are a very true, if not at most true entrance to the world of the Gods and the Daemons and the other entities. Drugs, which are offered purely by nature, are a present of the Gods.
Thus the Indians speak f.e. with the psychedelic, because psylocibin containg mushroms, also known as Magic Mushroms, of the meat of the Gods. With psychedelc substances, which went through the chemistry laboratory, already rather caution is announced. If with LSD a diabolic chemist was at work or the chemist had simply only a bad day, quite unpleasant or worse can one befall.
Anyhow the drug paranoia fits smoothly into the picture of our occidental culture. Their origin story begins already with the lie instead of the truth: In the garden Eden, the wild free nature, drugs naturally belonged as a matter of course to life, because everyone knew that only by the alliance with the Gods life in its whole abundance can evolve.
Only with banishment out of the paradies it was called then, immediately no more drugs, which establish the alliance to the Gods of the Planet Earth. Because humans had themselves to strive from now on and trouble, instead of aiming at the perfection of their soul. The fact however that as a further lie the drugs were made to the apple then, shows the low level of the Christian religion.
Humans live a life of suffering and lies since 5000 years, whose summit is a religion, whose Heroe in the position of worst suffering is adored, so that one always can take comfort, that even such a nailing remains saved for oneself.
Forced by the worst pain of the total separation of the personal single consciousness from the universe of the divine consciousness, into which e.g. the wild animals are absolutely consciously merged. But perhaps liberty-loving natures like humans take part in such torture of the slavery and the wars under no circumstances, if they have an extended or better illuminated consciousness.
Stupefying, lie and above all worst force were thus the price for ascending mankind to a highly engineered culture. Worst things happened, in order to force humans to immeasurable working. So we have reports from Germany that immemorial times before, when it was considered necessary to transform the sexual energy into work energy, there lovers of the self-satisfaction occasionally in punishment and in deterrence with alive body were skined.
This entire background of our occidental culture, including in the Vatikan and elsewhere locked secrets can be completely lifted now into public consciousness, because mankind with complete consciousness of its own history does not need to get horror anymore, because the dark age now has definitely completed, and we at the threshold at a all new time, when humans on the Planet Earth can harvest the fruits of its long suffering and troubling finally.
The modern technology with the computers and robots, the lovable slaves, which do never suffer and which one can switch off in the case of doubt simply. Without slavery eventually nothing functions on the planet, because everything, left itself to its own ressources, is disposed, to imbrute and to be finally taken in by original nature again.
That was basicly up to now the crux of the occidental culture, the obligation to break humans their free will. From the Egyptians up to the Christians there aye true experts were sent. The spiritual and religious concepts taken part in each case had above all always the goal in the eye of keeping humans away from their original nature Gods.
And today after the end of the anti-thesis of the human development we stand at the beginning of the synthesis, the phase 3, and if mankind not completely is too stupid, it can harvest in the now begun millenium a terrific revolutionary triumph, which will make enormous sensation and receive attention in the whole cosmos. The depressing Jesus story will appear suddenly in completely different light.
With the synthesis the human evolution is thus arrived at their FuersichSein, well described on the level of the logic of Hegel, which the conscious becoming, thus illuminating of the Being describes as arriving from the AnsichSein to the FuersichSein. The result of the evolution thus always contains both:
Naturally now the original access to the Gods and their drugs, thus in consciousness and not only in the subconsciousness openly anchored integration into cosmic consciousness, exactly belongs the same to it like an unfolded and matured Ego, which can give a tremendous impulse of strength to the new collective conscious one.
If only succeeds freeing us from the chains of dualistic thinking i.e. the narrow-minded duality, which can dissolve everything only into fighting contradictions, even the universe splits into being and consciousness and thus already on philosophical basis the war as the permanent condition of the human being advertised.
Again Hegel: the intellectual thinking, which remains in the endless resp. badly infinite squabble of thesis and anti-thesis, transforms to the rationality, if it is understood that thesis and anti-thesis in the synthesis have always also somewhat common.
And like that we are now, all Gods of the universe are owing to, in the 3. Millenium at the goal arrived, where naturally drugs and science form a common ensemble, exactly the same as bio and computers optimally fit together. It lines up resp. happens a consciousness jump onto a higher stage of the consciousness, in which there are no more eternal antagonisms: no Jews ./. Arab, no Jew ./. Nazi, no policemen ./. criminal one, no first world ./. third world, no eternal contradistinction of good and bad, inside as in the exterior, etc..
But a multiplicity of cultural, religious, individual and collective identities have today owing to the modern communication techniques and cross-linking around the globe for the first time the chance to live a collective identity planet far, without having to submit to a hierarchical brain laundry imposed system. The sudden entrance of all humans on earth to all informations is a true gift of the Gods.
Also one of the worst logical traps of the human evolution is now restrained, i.e. the fact that the energy expenditure for the production of an article or for the raising of humans is always larger around a multiple than the energy expenditure for destruction. And therefore it is not astonishing that after the law of the inertia humans get again and again off the correct way and become destructive.
This happens however mainly, because in the time of consciousness darkness the individual Ego can feel infinitely lonely and lost. In the measure, how humans grow together owing to the modern technical possibilities for a higher ensemble and the individual Egos have found again spiritual and mental identity in the common ensemble, thus no more human beings must stray lost.
And above all the dualistic thinking does no more force itself to the educational basic pattern upon everything, and simply only for educational reasons criminal ones and policemen are bred and institutionalized, then the criminality disappears, humans can again confidence and even love to each other develop, if is clear, that in the refined and humanized paradies evenly no primitive Darwinismus exists any more, which one means to have to dam up and to cultivate with primitive enforcement systems.
If we understand that the earth is an enormous alive organism and humans are its most conscious and independent cells, then mankind can really set the world on fire, because it does not waste then no more 90 % of their time with the senseless squabble. We can create a paradies, where humans and Gods have together place.
An single human, who wants to set the world on fire, can do that normally only if he has many human assistants or really goes hand in hand with the Gods, who absolutely all questions are able to answer and in the case of doubt to intervene even directly, if danger for the success of the whole one exists.
But that is not to be concealed here, from own experience we know that it can be a very tough struggle between that Ego and the will to the divine ensemble, until the own Ego is ready to insert itself really voluntarily and unconditionally into the divine ensemble.
Because together with the Gods one is infinitely much more successful, because the Gods are fascinated also absolutely of it, if humans achieve large things, like directors with a film. But that means that in the further course of life with contentious questions the last word must have the Gods and back-put in the case of doubt the Ego. But that is also completely justified, because the individual Ego with its finite understanding can never overlook and consider all infinitely many aspects.
Nevertheless the individual one at such inauguration processes will be also several times asked by the Gods whether he then really wants, because once raised on the divine level, there it no way back any more, but only success or death. Nevertheless the jump in quality of human existence and of human consciousness is so large and impressing, as human soul being taken up to the circle of the Gods, that the desire back does not emerge, if one jumped over the shade of its own Egos at all.

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