Community being human can heal the planet
Illuminats, Freemasons and others pay attention !
A fascinating discovery scientists made on a Sahara safari:
In the middle in the glowing desert crocodiles live. And there they survive it for thousands of years, since then from their kind comrades were already separated. Protected at the north side of steep cliffs, where never the sun comes, sufficient water holds itself.
Krokodile vom Nil
tummeln sich weitab
in der Sahara
How however do the crocodiles come into the Sahara and from where ?
The scientists found that the Sahara crocodiles are genetically related to the Nile crocodiles, however have developed since the separation 5000 years ago their own hereditary property line.
And exactly from here a scandal arrises with historical consequence:
Before ridiculous 5000 years the Sahara was an animated green area, in which crocodiles and all the other animals could move freely.
And from where then did the desert come ?? Recently humans ask themselves ever more frequently that. Perhaps the axis of the Earth has changed a little, presume the scholars. And then we remember that already in the youth the teachers could'nt us explain, how the Egyptians actually built their pyramids.
Like the Greeks, Romans
and Carthaginians
so also the Egyptians.
Everything clearly:
Exactly the same as Greeks, Romans and Carthaginians have cleared the Mediterranean area for their war fleets, exactly the same way the Egyptians had ravaged already in former times during the building of the pyramids. The price for these monumente and tools of central power were gigantic quantities of wood and myriads of work slaves.
Our entire European culture is developed on the devastation of Africa, thus not only on the enslavement of mankind, but will change, practiced in the style of the past millenium, the earth inevitably into a desert planet ( of Mars we want to talk in this context not at all ).
The Maya pyramids
or those in Cambodia
did not kill the jungle.
But these thousands of years enormous march has also its property:
Mankind reached the point now, where it can alter course and can make of the earth a for humans really suitable paradies.
Because the original paradies, the free wild nature with its dinosaurs as coronation is also not, about what humanoids and other highly developed creatures dream.
But the earth, our local Mother Nature, has a gigantic potential, with which one can make everything, if one aims at a symbiotische incorporation with it instead of a confrontative combat relationship.
Symbiotic unification with our local Mother Nature
And why that all is now suddenly possible ??
Because in the dialectic three-step we have reached the third level: From the thesis ( raw nature ) over the anti-thesis ( alienation ) the synthesis ( harmony of humans and nature ). To read Hegels Logik a little bit, is today more up-to-date than ever and extends above all the consciousness.
in der Phase
der Synthese der
menschlichen Evolution
Looks material in such a way:
We can abolish the slavery, whether openly or over wages masks, because we have now new slaves, who are gladly slaves: computers and robots. In addition we will control in short time the nuclear fusion and will then be able to provide the necessary energy.
Because oil and wood to burn is naturally absolute unacceptable on a planet, which can absolutely make lucky 20 to 30 billion humans. Wood is to be alive and oil is a much to valuable raw material.
In addition the time of the irresponsible exploitation of all, that nature saved in millions of years, is definitely over.
It applies to develop a completely new consciousness of the responsibility for the valuable raw materials of our homeland planet. At the beginning reasonably a new legal criminal offence of "Ressource wasting" should be introduced.
The love between humans and oh the nevertheless so alive planet must be able itself to carry out now, we must stop to create our culture on the hate on our own nut/mother.
Of the fight against nature now becomes a heavenly community with nature.
Of the fight against
nature now becomes
a heavenly community
with nature
The new paradies, which we mean and which we develop in the next thousand years, is by no means the wild nature with their fight of everyone against everyone, which differs from the human fiasko of the same name only thereby, that with the animals at least the Gods still steer the whole.
The new paradies, led and arranges by humans, the highest creation of the planet, but in an absolute harmony with the animals and plants, which as equal organisms with full respect are treated.
Perhaps humans had to go through the dark times of war and exploitation, to arrive there, where we today are.
But now not to alter course of the planet most heavily, there listen all you freemasons, illuminats, committee cliques and logists, is called a singular chance of cosmic dimension for a lucky planet to do.
And to alter course means: there are no taboos and for each task it gives a solution.
There are no taboos
and for each task
it gives a solution
We can put the gigantic sums of money, which are put so far into the armament, just as well into such beautiful projects, like the reforestation of the Sahara and the other deserts.
As the first fill up the Chad lake and water the Kalahari desert
Water it gives on our planet thank God enough, and then we build even quite many sea water desalination plants and have finally an incentive for trying much harder to accomplish the thermonuclear fusion.
The time of the exploitation of nature is over, now comes the time of the compensation. The Jews, who claim always gladly the high requirements, would it not be a wonderful task together with Arabs and their oil billions to recultivate and green the Sahara and the Arab peninsula.
Common perspective for Arabs and Jews
Instead of up-corroding the world this spirit-ill quarrel with the Palestinians, because the eternal war strategists in Jerusalem did not understand yet that their time now ran off.
And mankind their further progress will reach evenly no more on the basis of the confrontative wrangling, but on the basis of a material and lived collective consciousness.
While so far the restive Ego led humans, then we have arrived now, in the epoch of the synthesis of the human evolution, at the directly interlaced collective Ego.
Equally, as we experience the collective of humans as community being, exactly the same we will experience again that the earth is an absolutely alive organism.
At this alive organism earth does not need heaven knows eternally to stick the latin name "Terra", but it can be lived with it in symbiotic love much more divine than in the eternal cat and mouse game between nature and humans resp. between God and Devil.

Expedition 2003
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