Arrival with the Halley's comet
When the Halley's comet flew past completely near the earth, in the years 1985 / 1986, Codos soul had itself, therefore my soul on its interstellar journey straight little to the peace put, there was called it already again to jump off.
The goal of the journey was reached, the planet earth was physically visible. Blue it lay there and I looked forward enormous to stand for humans during their consciousness jump into the next higher dimension to the side.
Over the large distance of 500 million light-years my journey was despite everything quite fast, probably Codo could use one of these sayful wormholes, by which through one comes crosswise by space and time very quickly everywhere.
That has the large advantage that the spiritual-mental interconnection of my soul is still very strong to my homeland world. I can develop conscious bi-directional communication at any time to my Gods and the nature of our world order.
I was well educated and trained, nevertheless two violent transformations were to be mastered, once the entrance into the terrestrial atmosphere and then the landing on the ground and the reality. Thank God with my double landing the space suit had remained intact including for all accessories and so could I first of all activate my invisibilator.
One could set absolute invisibility with this part and that I had also urgently necessarily, in order to prepare me in peace for the forthcoming tasks. On the radio sounded "Codo aus der Ferne ich düse im Sauseschritt" and I asked myself, from where those know that I've arrived.
The text of the Song
Humans are in such a way knitted that they could be never said of a higher intelligence something. The earth is a marvelous planet with marvelous humans, who suffer only from one: They have themselves all together run in their dazzled egoism. But the development on earth now ripened so far that an enormous consciousness revolution stands about to the outbreak.
Width of parts of the subconsciousness ( range of the human psyche ) are lifted into the conscious range, consciousness extends enormously, is like that, as if one would have taken durably an easy dose consciousness-extending drugs such as Psylocibine, LSD or Mescaline. Above all the collective subconsciousness is transformed by the rise of human consciousness to a collective consciousness.
The human friends and partners, who we extraterrestials selected extraterrestial for us, are selected with consideration. Who already worried about own consciousness development and illuminating, brings along naturally the best conditions.
We co-operate directly only with our human partners, in view of current handling of mankind among themselves us completely strictly was recommended, only here to permit a personal proximity and to reveal our true identity.
Because the earth needs now the transformation jump and also for it strives, is now an ideal time. But transformations can be also painful, and the Ego, which is to be pushed by its absolute base, will pedal not rarely in violent resistance.
The whole is a process of months, not of days and not of years.
If the collective unconscious resp. subconsciousness becomes conscious, then we live in an high-interlaced communication society, identical to awaking the consciousness of the planet. An absolute transparency develops in the conscious sphere. There are no more secrets and there is only confidence.
Humans experience themselves more and more as members of a common body. With the end of the age of primitive communication no more place is for force. Absolute confidence requires absolute transparency. Absolute transparency makes absolute confidence possible.

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Humans experience themselves more and more
as members of a common body