Here you are in demand
Agreement, praise, criticism, love, hate, fascination
own thoughts, new thoughts, additional thoughts
can supply information, want to support, want to join
Finally once texts, which blow up brain scrubber raster !!
Everything sounds itself so simply that one can hardly believe it.
A fast change of consciousness of the ranke and file ? Unrealistic !
Everything only dreams, the Amis will always control the world.
How humans are to be convinced by such a thing ??
How will the Gods stand up against the money of the banks ?
Why did they simply let humans make so on for 6000 years ??
Can one position Codo's initiative in the political pattern ?
Really to do without the bulk of modern medicine ??
BIO worldwide and immediately, with 6 billion hungry humans ??
Doesn't the release of all drugs lead to the absolute chaos ??
Find I absolutely fantastic, I squat for years alone with such ideas !!
Are you a discussion forum or do you also support projects ?
Have exciting material for you, are you interested ?
I find Codo's approach to be super, have however partly other solution ideas.
Do you want to become some day a political party ?
What can I do for you beside donate to you money ??
Want do you want to make first of all, as soon as Codo has enough starting money ??
Do you have only one of these questions or comments ??
Or have you other questions or remarks ??
Or do you have something important or new to say ??

Then send immediately an email to FuturePlanetEarth !!
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