Courageous fighter for the liberty of the spirit
CDU man against brain laundry machine
Now thus the CDU member Martin Hohmann into the highest instances of the CDU Federal Party Court must fight for his whereabouts in this large party, and if that does not help anything, even before the tidy Federal Constitutional Court.
Are the German intellectual ones abandoned by all good spirits, that they do not support this CDU member of the Bundestag from the easthessian Vogelsberg with all forces.
Martin Hohmann fights for a completely high property of our democratic culture i.e. to be allowed to say in responsibility before the own conscience and God the truth regardless what others think of it.
Are the Germans from the anti-Nazi shock brain laundry still in such a way intoxicated that they do not notice that here a Jewish and like gladly Jew-friendly brain laundry supermachine with all radicallity each also only budding resistance against the coordinated lie thinking seeks to suffocate in the germ.
For the only purpose to cement the Jewish world domination for all times, exercised in the association with the Englishmen, although this world domination the planet drives ever more toward calamity.
Even thus if Martin Hohmann would say somewhat wrong, were it of inestimable value for our democratic culture to set itself with such thoughts constructionally apart.
But Martin Hohmann says the absolute truth first of all and is secondly a creditor Christian, who backinsures that politics may take place only together with God and/or the Gods, always based on the divine requirements, always, examined and well from divine power and greatness.
A curse of the today′s time are just the Godless political leaders, which hold themselves even for the largest ones and then bring out inhuman actions and dictatorships.
That in the Russian revolution, which was forced actually very much by Jewish fellow citizens, so many orthodoxe Christians were killed, of it to be reminded, is informative.
The whole intellectual approach to step for allegedly more ambitious goals all achievements of the human rights barbarianly with feet is with Hitler exactly the same as with most Marxist-Leninistic Movements.
But no Lamento over the Godless revolutionary. What happened, happened. Only just as, as the Germans cannot make themselves often enough their violent and cruel past conscious, just as clearly the Jews are nevertheless to admit themselves finally openly to their violent history, do they demonstrate apparently for over 50 years in Palestine that they can live nothing at all different one, as permanent open force make to the maxim of the everyday life and the reason of state.
Whether Hitler fascists, Bolsheviks or exterrorists such as Sharon, which forced the establishment of the Israeli state at that time by naked force of terror. It is everything the same. Very well also the reference of Martin Hohmann, how are beautiful-talked in France cruelties of the French revolution and the Napoleon era. Exactly differently like we masochistic Germans always only want to wind within the cruelties of the Nazis and the positive beginnings of those times to hush up, even more from the memory to eliminate and rub out we want.
To that extent is everyone, the one armed revolution plots committer. If he achieves it to co-ordinate his revolution together with the Gods he can win and above all also the people, who is to be freed. Who disesteems and ignores the divine will however in such a situation, thatone has thrown himself into the devils arms already from the beginning and lost.
Martin Hohmann (* 4 February 1948 in Fulda) is CDU politician and member of the Lower House of German Parliament (MdB)for the constituency Fulda. As MdB he began 1998 the follow-up of Alfred Dregger. Because of the reproach of anti-Semitic expressions Hohmann was excluded on 14 November 2003 as first delegates at all from the CDU parliamentary group of the Lower House. Hohmann is married and has three children. Hohmann is called of critics catholic fundamentalist. He is with 54,0 % of the votes directly selected delegate of the constituency 176 (Fulda).
Thus is correct nevertheless absolutely, what in its speech to 3 October 2003 noted Martin Hohmann there. That is nevertheless brought on the point the naked historical truth. But only because someone writes the truth, why he should be then Antisemit?
Because the reproach of the anti-Semitism is the condemned Jew club, which these infamously, pushyly and unfortunately often successfully mobilize against everything that does not correspond to the Jewish thinking.
That is religion terror, with which they want to cement fixed their millenium-old requirement of the mental upper rule on the planet, although nevertheless owing to modern communication and computer era the other peoples can acquire themselves the same knowledge level, are able to control themselves and evenly no more have by secret companies behind their back to be manipulated:
That may have made perhaps sense in times, where the knowledge had to be passed on very laboriously from humans to humans, but today can we nevertheless finally the knowledge freely put to all humans at the disposal. Who blocks that, wants an evolution jump to prevent.
Thus naturally the Jews had an elite function in the Russian revolution. And in violent revolutions always wins, who uses the force most effectively, thus maximally cruelly, brutally and scruplesless. Yes and! What the Jews can do for the fact that they won at that time ? That is nevertheless only the envy of the losers, if afterwards somebody lifts the moral forefonger there.
But if Martin Hohmannn notes only the truth, why the Jews piss themselves into the trousers and do not simply to their own truth ??
If the highest German court instances do not manage it to explain to the CDU and the public the fact that Martin Hohmann with his position must remain in the CDU, and this man may not remain in last instance in the party then would have liberty consciousness and the liberty thinking of the Germans a historical defeat suffered.
24. August 2004
MdB Martin Hohmann (CDU): Speech to the national holiday, 3 October 2003
We want make us some thoughts over the topic "Justice for Germany", over our people and its somewhat difficult relationship with itself. We are not to for a long time with forgrounding features. But it is already strangely, and many Germans take at the fact offense that a condemned Turkish murder agitator cannot be proven after completion of its detention into its Turkish homeland. A German court lays German laws out in such a way that the so-called Kalif of Cologne not to the return journey into Turkey, but to the further purchase of German social welfare assistance sees himself forced.
There a large boulevard newspaper uncovers the case Miami Rolf. This German pensioner without means received living costs, the rent together with costs of a charwoman, together 1,425, € from the national social office Niedersachsen - monthly in the warm Florida transferred. That is at present still completely legal, because after § 119 German citizens can receive social welfare assistance law also abroad, if serious circumstances oppose to a return. In a psychiatric appraisal one had determined, Rolf J. was in his "accustomed environment" in Florida better waived. He can there from his American friends rather become "fielded".
Recently a hessian district administration condemned, the virility medicin "Viagra" to a 54 years old person on social security not in principle to refuse. Before the background of the two latter cases the newspaper "Das freie Wort" from Suhl writes: "Viagra from state-money was yesterday, but today there is the Germany Allergie." The "Oldenburgische Nordwestzeitung" recommends: "Deutsche, let the work lie, off in the Paradies." Appropriate the "Deister and Weserzeitung" notices: "Rage and a frightening cooks there up."
Many of you know similar examples, in which the granting German welfare state or many courses of law the opening constitutional state are merciless exploited. Has the individual, which one would have called in former times parasites, usually no bad conscience. Well-meaning social politicians of all Couleur strengthened the individual requirement thinking strongly, one can even say verselbstaendigt. It has completely came out of the field of vision that all this social welfare assistance Euros must be compiled before by others hard or be put on by national credit of the recent generation. During the consideration of rights and obligations the rights of the particular were however emphasised largely -, the obligations of the particular instead minimized. How do many humans in Germany knock their plans and acts off also on it whether they are not only self-interested, but also useful for the community, whether they bring our country forward?
The we thinking, the community referringness, must however certainly be strengthened. Bitterly for us that this difficult exercise is required just in a time of economic stagnation by us. The number of the restrictions already taken place is not small, the number of the future - in addition one does not have to be Prophet - will be still larger. The large majority of the population does not lock for an austerity course. However one is required: Fairly it must happen. If unsuccessful managers let themselves be disbursed compensations within two digit million-range, not only a undeservedly unemployed is missing any understanding for it.
Now one could evaluate these horrendous compensations still as excrescences of the so-called capitalistic system and excuse with same practice in the United States. But particularly also in relation to the own state many German justice gaps suspect. They have the feeling, as normal Germans to be more badly treated than others. Who his civic obligations fulfilles, industriously works and children raises, for it no praise can expect, in the opposite, he feels rather as the stupid one in Germany. With him the chronically clammy state can fill up its empty cashes.
Unfortunately, Ladies and Gentlemen, I can not weaken the suspicion that one does not enjoy preferential treatment as German in Germany. In the opposite. I placed three inquiries against the Federal Government:
Is the Federal Government disposed in view of the economic development and the decrease of the public revenues to reduce their payments to the European union? The answer was: The German obligation in relation to the European union is kept without reductions.
Is the Federal Government disposed to support also German forced laborers after for foreign and Jewish forced laborers 10 billion DM were made available? The answer was: One cannot compare the two cases. The Federal Government will also not exert itself in relation to Russia, Poland and the Czech republic for a symbolic remuneration and an indication of the satisfaction for the German forced laborers.
Is the Federal Government disposed in view of the economic development and the decrease of the tax receipts to adapt their payments of compensation after the Federal Indemnification Law (thus on - above all Jewish - victim of the national socialism) to the sunk efficiency of the German state? The answer was: No, the respect for suffering at that time of these humans orders to maintain the remuneration level without reservation.
These answers made me thoughtful and the confirm the opinion widespread in our country: First the others come, then we. Exaggerated said: Main thing, the German payments deal with external accounts punctually and undeminished. But for that the Germans must still fasten the belt a little more closely.
Been open, I would wish myself a consent, how it exists in many other countries in the world. There this consent reads: The own state must be primarily for the own citizens there. If already a preference of the Germans as not possible or not opportun does appear, then I request at least equal treatment of foreigners and Germans.
If one asks for the causes of this inclination, then many will answer: That is because of German history.
Ladies and Gentlemen, no knowing and thinking one can seriously the attempt undertake for white-washing or for making forgotten German history. No. We all know the devastating and singular crimes, which on Hitler′s behest were committed. Hitler, as executor of the bad one, and with him the Germans absolutely, became the negative symbol of the last century par excellence. One speaks of a "past, which does not want to die away". One also today still grants in public representations an unusually high operational readiness level to the phenomenon Hitler. Thousands of rather inferior films provide particularly in the anglo-saxon abroad for it, the plate of the featherbrained, brutal and criminal German soldier to hold awake and renew.
One refers however to it, also Germans became in the last century on a large scale victims of strange force, then that is already considered as taboo break. The discussion around the center against driving out occupies this impressively. There immediately the danger of the charge up againsts is then sworn to. To causing the Second World War by the Hitler regime one refers. In an interview recently Hans Olaf Henkel, the vice-president of the Federal association of the German industry, brought the fact and the consequences of these negative past referringness on the point. He said: "Our hereditary sin paralyzes the country." (HÖR ZU 21/2003, page 16 FF).
We experience again and again, how strongly the 12 years of the NS past are into our days effective. Nearly one would like to say, the longer the Nazi dictatorship is past, the the Hitler unspirit becomes work-more powerful. The little bunch of its adepts at the right-wing extremist edge of the political scene is not to be played down. The repulsive aggressiveness of their public appearances however usually provides for limited trailer shank in today′s democratic Germany. At the ballot box the German voters give in each case a clearer brush-off to these dull cheeks, than in comparable neighboring countries happens. The failure of the NPD prohibition is so seen of advantage, because not the constitutional court, but the German sovereign, the electing people speaks its judgement over the brown refuse.
This actually observable, politically active part of the brown inheritance probably belongs to the unpleasant, but inevitable features of a parliamentary democracy. The fool seam at the right and lefthand side of the political spectrum must be fought politically and, where penal laws are hurt, with justiziellen means. In the successful fight against extremists by force our state protection organs worked satisfactorily and in crises, like the bloody RAF terrorism of the 70′s, our confidence acquired.
The brown hordes, which collect themselves under the symbols of the good one, do not make deep concerns. Heavy concerns makes a pervasive courage destruction in national self-confidence makes, which was released by Hitler′s aftereffects. The crime of the industrialized destruction of humans, particularly the European Jews, arranged by him, rests on German history. The debt of ancestors at this mankind crime led nearly to a new self definition of the Germans. Despite the all-round asseverations that it does not give collectiv guilt, despite nuance like word new creations as "collective responisbility" or "collective shame": In the core the reproach remains: the Germans are "committer people".
Every other nation is inclined rather to move the dark sides of their history into a more favorable light. In front of shaming events view protection screens are set up. With the others one reinterprets. Prime example for reinterpretation is the representation of the French revolution. There the large massacre is in Paris and the provinces, particularly in the Vendee. There the following seizure of power is by an autocrat, whose conquest war courses brought millionfold death over Europe. The majority of French and except-French voices describe nevertheless the revolution with their terror as emancipatory act and Napoleon as a mild, enlightened father of modern Europe.
Such benevolent new view or reinterpretation is not permitted the Germans. The political class and science, dominating at present in Germany, prevents that with all forces. They do "almost neurotically insist on the German debt", like Joachim Gauck it on 1.10. 2003 expressed.
With almost neurotic eagerness always new generations of German scientists fully research also even the tiniest branchings of the NS-time.
It surprises the fact that no one still suggested the renouncement of knife and fork where well-known nevertheless these instruments the physical strengthening of the committers at that time served. The Germans as a committer people. That became a picture with large, internationally effective embossing strength. The remainder of the world furnished itself however in the role of the innocence lambs - anyhow the relative innocence lambs - in the best way. Who accepts this clear distribution of roles - here the Germans as largest guilty ones of all times, there the moral superior nations - not behaviourless, difficulties one receives. Difficulties straight of those, which as 68er "the questioning , the criticizing and the debunking" with large personal success their principal occupation made. Some of the debunkers has it as well-known into highest public offices carried.
My very much honoured ladies and gentlemen,
in order to evade each misunderstanding:
I am common with you for clarity and truth. It is not, may not be concealed and varnished. "Do never deal with the truth, brings it harm, does not bring it ruefulness", the poet says. Yes, the unpleasant, the unbelievable, the shaming at the truth, applies to bear it. We Germans bore it, we bear it for decades.
But with many the question arises whether the oversize of the truths about the criminal and fatal 12 years of the NS-dictatorship not
a) is exploited and
b) against people-educational expectation to an internal defense attitude could change.
Again and again the same bad truth: That can, which must cause almost psychological damage, how we know from the rehabilitation psychology.
Bad particularly is it, if an U.S. American junior professor (Daniel Jonah Goldhagen) as a result of his clearing-up work our whole people as "Murderer from birth" designates. This just as shrill as wrong thesis has him however - particularly in Germany - medium attention and author fee secured. Other nations would let him lie with cold contempt left.
Indeed just younger humans revolt themselves against it, for misdemeanours by grandfathers and great-grandfathers taken in requirement and with the verdict more "Member of the committer people" to be occupied.
Is completely certainly certain: The German people was occupied in a singular, relentless way after the crimes of the Hitler time, with these, asked over assigning and in the bounds of possibility a billions-worth compensation carried out, particularly in favour of the Jews. To the contracts between the Federal Republic of Germany and the state of Israel among the guidance personalities Adenauer and Ben Gurion I may refer. To the compensation agreed upon at that time the majority of the Germans professes itself completely expressly, whereby wrong and death in immeasurable measure cannot be undone.
On this background I ask the provoking question: Does it give also with the Jewish people, whom we notice exclusively in the victim role, a dark side in newer history or were Jews excluding the victims, the sufferer?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
it will surprise you that the American autoking Henry Ford 1920 a book with the title "The internationally Jew" brought out. This book experienced an edition of 500.000 copies in the USA. It became a world best-seller and was translated into 16 languages. Therein Ford the Jews prangert generalizing as "Weltbolschewisten" on. He meant, an "all Jewish stamp on the red Russia" to be able to constitute where the bolschewistische revolution raved at that time. He designated the Jews in "an excellent measure" as "revolution wright". He referred to Russia, Germany and Hungary. Ford brought in his book an alleged "consubstantiality" from Judaism and communism resp. bolshevism to the expression.
How does Ford come to his theses, those for our ears resemble of NS propaganda of the "Jewish bolshevism"? We hear, what the Jew Felix Teilhaber says 1919: "Der socialism is a Jewish idea... Thousands of years preached our sages the Sozialismus." Thus it is also expressed that at the cradle of communism and socialism Jewish philosophers stood. Thus Karl Marx descends over both parents from rabbis. His portrait hung in the living room of a Jewish women researcher, which in all other respects admits: "I was grown up with that Jewish human supports social justice, progressive and socialistic is. Socialism was our religion." Quasi religious courses are reminiscent again and again in the writings of this early communist time. Many of the Jews engaged for the bolshevism felt as they were as "religious soldiers of the world revolution". Thus Kurt Eisner already expected 1908, "religion of the socialism" will the "desperation of the laments valley" and "hopelessness of the terrestrial deftness" overcome. Leo Rosenberg glorified the proletariat 1917 even as "world messias".
The question arises concretely: How much were Jews now in the revolutionary committees represented? To the seven heads politbureau of the Bolsheviks 1917 four Jews belonged: Leo Trotzki, Leo Kamenjew, Grigori Sinowjew and Grigori Sokolnikow. The Nonjew were Lenin, Stalin, Bubnow. Among the 21 members of the revolutionary central committee in Russia 1917 were 6 of the Jewish nationality, means 28.6 %. The extremely high portion of Jews at the communist founder fathers and the revolutionary committees was by no means limited to the Soviet Union. Also Ferdinand Lassalle was Jew just like Eduard Bernstein and Rosa Luxembourg. 1924 were Jewish from six kp leaders in Germany of four and thus two thirds. In Vienna 81 and thus 60 % were Jewish from 137 leading Austro Marxists. By 48 people′s commissars in Hungary 30 had been Jewish. In addition, at the revolutionary Soviet secret police, the Tscheka, the Jewish portions were unusually high. While the Jewish population portion of 1934 lay in the Soviet Union with approximately 2 %, the Jewish Tscheka leaders nevertheless constituted 39 %. Jewish applied, that is describing said, in the Soviet Union as own nationality. Thus it was more highly than the Russian portion with the Tscheka with 36 %. in the Ukraine was even 75 % the Tschekisten Jew.
This statement leads up to a chapter, which provided at that time for tremendous indignation. The murder at the Russian czar and its family was arranged by the Jew Jakob Swerdlow and carried out by the Jew Chaimowitz Jurowski at the Zaren Nikolaus II. personally. The question continues to arise whether Jews in the communist motion had rather copurchaser or leaser function. The latter applies. Leo Trotzki in the USSR, Bela Kun in Hungary.
Too the councils republic of Munich not to forget: Kurt Eisner, Eugen Leviné, Tobias Achselrod and other Jews were here than undisputed guidance personalities active. Large attention excited at that time the penetration of armed Rotgardisten into the residents of Munich Nuntiatur of the later Pacelli Pope. He was threatened by the revolutionaries with a pistol held the chest. Also the at the end of of April 1919 of Rotgardisten accomplished shooting of seven members of the "Thule Gesellschaft", which in close connection to the later NSDAP stood, shows the determination of the revolutionary process. This shooting of hostages, to which the Londoner Times had dedicated a headline on 5 May 1919, gave "food to a poisonous antisemitism and produced desire for revenge having a lasting effect for a long time".
Further could be asked for the revolutionary eagerness and the determination of the Jewish communists. Now, this revolutionary elite meant it really serious, then expressed Franz Koritschoner of the KPOe: "To tell a lie and to steal, aye also to kill for an idea, that is courage, to it greatness belongs. Grigori Sinowjew announced 1917: "90 of 100 million Soviet Russian must along-pull. Which concerns the remainder, then we do not have them anything to assure. They must be exterminated." (S.138). Similarly also Moisei Wolodarski formulated: "The interests of the revolution require the physical destruction of the bourgeoisy." (S.138). Completely similarly also Arthur Rosenberg in the year 1922: "Die Soviet power has the obligation, their irreconcilable enemies innocuous to make (S.163).
Doubtless these expressions of communist Jewish revolutionary were no empty threats. That was earnest. That was deadlier earnest. After a statistic investigation of a professor spoken by Churchill 1930 the Soviets till 1924 following humans have fallen to the victim: 28 orthodoxe bishops, 1,219 orthodoxe of clergyman, 6,000 professors and teachers, 9,000 doctors, 12,950 landowners, 54,000 officers, 70,000 policemen, 193,000 workers, 260,000 soldiers, 355,000 intellectual ones and manufacturing ones as well as 815,000 farmers.
A particularly cruel chapter was the wrestling of any resistance against the obligation collectivization in the Ukraine. Under relevant participation of Jewish Tschekisten found here far over 10 million humans death. Most perished at hunger.
Under not any circumstances the downright anti-church and anti-Christian adjustment of the bolshevistic revolution may be suppressed, as it is in most school books the case. Actually the bolshevism with its martial atheism accomplished the most comprehensive Christian and religion pursuit of history. After one of Russian authorities provided statistics between 1917 and 1940 96,000 orthodoxe Christians, among them priests, deacons, monks, nuns and other coworkers after their arrest were shot.
Neither the orthodoxen churches or monasteries were spared. The buildings were destroyed either or used for everyday purposes. Thus churches were converted to clubs, shops or magazines. One used the gold and the silver of the sacral treasures of the orthodoxen church for the financing of world-wide revolutionary movements.
How were the religious Jews themselves in the early Soviet Union? Also they were exposed to pursuit by the bolshevists. At the top of the bolshevistic so-called Godless movement just Trotzki stood. He denied at that time his Judaism, however was noticed of the Russians and world-wide as a Jew.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
we saw now, how strongly and lastingly Jews shaped the revolutionary movement in Russia and Central European states. That brought also the American president Woodrow Wilson 1919 to the estimate, is "Jewish conducted" the bolschewistische movement. With a certain authorization one could regarding the million dead ones of this first revolution phase ask after "committery" of the Jews . Jews were active in large number both in the leadership level and with the Tscheka shooting command. Therefore one could Jews with some authorization as "committer people" designate. That may sound frightening. It would follow however the same logic, with which one calls Germans committer people.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
we must look more exactly. The Jews, who had committed themselves the bolshevism and the revolution, had cut their religious connections before. They were after origin and education Jew, from their world view however usually glowing hater of any religion. Something similar applied to the national socialists. Most of them came of a Christian parents′ house. They had put however their religion down and had become enemies of the Christian and the Jewish religion. Connecting element of the bolshevism and the national socialism was thus the religion-hostile orientation and the godlessness. Therefore are neither "die Germans", nor "the Jews" a committer people.
With full right however one can say: godless with their godless ideologies, they were the committer people of the last, bloody century. These Godless ideologies gave then "executors the Bad" the justification, the good conscience with their crimes. So they could themselves sovereign over the divine requirement "You are not alowed to murder" jump over. Historically a unique millionfold murders was the result. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen, I plead decided for a back meditation for our religious roots and connections. Only they will prevent similar disasters, how they prepared us the Godless. The Christian religion is a religion of the life. Christ said: "I want that they have the life and that they have it in abundance" (Joh 10, 10). Therewith not only the afterlife is, but completely concretely meant our material today′s living and surviving. therfore it is also so important that we take up the God purchase to the European Constitution.
My very much honoured ladies and gentlemen, we saw thus that the reproach to the Germans absolutely, "committer people" to be, the thing passes and unjustified is. We should resist in the future together this reproach. Our guidance saying is: Justice for Germany, justice for Germans.
I come in the end and legend: With God into a good future for Europe! With God into a good future particularly for our German native country!

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