70 to 80% of the today's diseases,
especially the modern widespread diseases such as heart
and circulation suffering, cancer, diabetes, AIDS and dementia,
are caused by insufficient nutrition.
A rapid decline of the human health
in consequence of malnutrition takes place.

We do not famish with empty belly
as in the poorest countries, but with full belly.
Because the content of essential nutrients in the food
has decreased rapidly. And at the same time
the environmental pressure continues to increase:
Chemicals, radioactivity, electric smog, stress and much more.

Hence it follows that at least 70 to 80% of the costs
of the patient treatment can be saved,
if no more the fight against diseases,
but the fight for a health secured by best nutrition
is the highest maxim of medical acting.

Physicians must separate themselves from the chemo-technical
school medicine and guide their patients instead
at the same highest level of the modern science
preferentially to an optimized nutrition,
also because the nourishing way of today and tomorrow,
thus for humans in the 3rd millenium,
must be much better than we are used to that so far.

Financially does that mean,
the social health costs can sink drastically,
because one intervenes before the outbreak of the diseases.
Today contains the word "health costs "the largest self-lie
of this system, because we pay all "disease costs ",
and that obligatorily yet. Always only to intervene,
if the child has fallen already into the well,
thus humans are already ill, are utterly stupid.
With a car or an airplane to do without maintenance
and to wait, until it goes broken, would be very irresponsible.
And to give to the car or the airplane the best operating stuff,
who would be against it ? But with the human health !

The wrong track of the modern school medicine
must be stopped in most radical way. Today they make
their best turnover with as much as possible patients,
on whom they impress as much as possible side effects yet too.
Driven by the "Gods in white"-delusion,
to overtrump the nature as creator in man-shape,
thus to be better than God in the long term.
This megalomania of the isolated Ego
of the modern doctors is an outrage and contains
the permanent lie and the piss take of the patients.
Therefore we have also the completely blown up disease
budgets and the obligation health insurance companies.

Most physicians must retrain,
from the disease doctor to the health service specialist,
from the medical practice to the health station,
from the hospital to the health center.
Completely rarely to prescribe medicines,
but optimized food with all nutrients,
vitamins and minerals indispensable for the body,
in addition movement and meditation programs.
That is the future major task. 90% of the hospitals
can be closed or converted into
consciousness, sport and leisure centers
with the priority health care.

All contributions to the health care
must be raised on voluntary basis.
Thus away with the liability to insure and
the national subsidies, because only
for the medicine and pharmaceutical industry
an artificial market is created here.
Instead of health insurance we can furnish
health passbooks, of which everyone can pay if necessary,
i.e. for health problems the treatment, which it wishes.
Who at the end of its life still
has much money on its health passbook
can leave or give away this, taxfree.
In addition perhaps an accident insurance yet and finished.
The only one, what the state should offer,
is a emergency and first aid medicine for free,
because naturally for example in an accident
none is to remain lying on the road.

Also the health welfare service for the poorest ones
in the country must be aligned to the nourishing rail.
Instead of disbursing to alcoholics or heroin-dependents money,
which is immediately blow out into drugs,
social welfare and/or Harz4-recipients should be able to get
each day healthy meal and also optimized food freely.
Everywhere we need people kitchens, which offer
for each with authorization map or for a favourable price
good biological meal and also future food like
this "Perfect breakfast" from Herbalife.

And the food producers are to be taken radically into
the responsibility: Everything that is detrimental to the health,
must disappear from the shelves or be reduced to a minimum,
raised substantially and provided with warning references.
Above all the penetrante white sugar,
the harmful white flour,the peeled rice, the bad fats,
the flavour potentiators and much more besides.

Then the crime scene canteen, where the most people
spend more than 50% of their time on the workplace !
And if, as to observe, the employees of the canteen operator
in the afternoon are walking once again through the offices
with enormous baskets fully ice or sweets, then
the possibilities of increasing of the nourishing atrocities show up.

Kindergartens, schools and other educational facilities
are here completely strongly demanded. Exclusively to offer
healthy biological and optimized nutrition must become
exactly the same the matter of course like the promotion
of highest possible nutrition and health awareness
must become a principal purpose of all education measures.

In the developing countries, the poorest countries in the world
reveals itself the inhuman character
of the chemo-technical school medicine most clearly.
There where the consequences of most unsatisfactory nutrition
so brutally are breaking through ! These humans with their still
more aboriginal and thus more stable gene stock are highly
in demand as guinea pigs for the newest pharma creations.
And the food aid of UN & CO with worst, but free basic food
drives them yet into the arms of the disease industry,
and is in truth a development assistance
for the medicine and pharma complex.
A development assistance for the 3rd world, which earns
the name, would give adhoc per day an optimized meal like the
"Perfect breakfast" from Herbalife to each needy one,
and would train and/or would force in addition the people
to produce their basic food again by themselves in the country.

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