Support 1 + 2 + 3 *** We need You !!!
Brought on the point it is actually completely simple. Everyone, who wants to support and strengthen these ideas, can do only 3 things :
First of all optimally carry further the thoughts, which on the FuturePlanetEarth are transported, all the same whether personally with the voice, or copying with media any kind or at least the InterNet Link spread to all, but also really all friends. That is for us the 1. order support.
Spread the thoughts
But nearly just as important is the 2. order support : The supply of stored universal social energy, thus the money, the euro.
Dear humans and extraterrestial ones outside on the planet, who you recognize yourselves in our message, donate money to us so much as you want and so much as you can, or better invests in us, because thus you give us from your strength to the reinforcement of the thoughts, which also the your are.
Money to donate
Money to invest
As you read, we yet have great things in mind with the planet, and there at all an enormous PR expenditure is necessary, in order to line up all this.
Support of 3. Order is then the part, where everything is demanded except your money.
We promise all incoming mails, messages and feedbacks to examine most carefully and we are always exerted to enrich and beautify the FuturePlanet with your contributions. Not only text of course, but also pictures and graphics, music and videos.
The more strength you us give, the better can we everything process. Donation receipts can issue we only such, which are not recognized yet by the tax office.
You can choose as donors however, whether we may publish your name, or whether we may remain at least with you in contact, or whether you want donate completely anonymous.
Your name thus neither outward nor inward should be used, because you perhaps only want to salve your consciences on the planet earth and to carry apology out for all the bad, what humans, knowing or ignorantly have done to its mother planet earth.
And as we are completely firmly convinced of the immortality of the soul and the eternal reincarnation, we like to remind you of the fact that you also for future lives again can wish the earth as the physical homeplanet of your soul.
FuturePlanetEarth is a transforming, revolutionary project, that in no way is concerned with commerce. Therefore we do also not want to refinance ourselves with commerce and corresponding garbage arising, because that opposes the nature of our Future Planet diametrically.
Ruler of the money
We want to begin straight today to create an instance, which is mentally miles away superior to the spirit of the money. An instance, which has a material, indispensable power over the money, in relation to which the money is obligated to unconditional obedience.
All problems on the Planet Earth, being completely large or also only small, can be solved without any doubt. Only absolutely not with the spirit of the money.
For each problem there is a solution
Today the money controls nearly each angle of the planet as the highest instance and thereby with a quality of the bare quantity completely has got beyond control and become megalomaniac.
Now move to the banking program

With cut and paste
transmit the data ...
( or by hand, if
it does not work )
... and the transfer send off

The Gods will thank you
( if you don't expect
or demand it from them )
Account holder:

Account number:
52 10 66 601

Bank ID (BLZ):
500 100 60
(Postbank Frankfurt)

DE39 5001 0060 0521 0666 01

A kind of council of the Yedi knights must be created, which forms the new ultimate center of power on the planet as the top guard instance. These Yedi are the holy guards of the future. They exclusively live at the holy places of this planet, like for example the Extern Steine in the Teutoburger Wald.
The holy guards of the planet
And because there regularly come very many humans, can conjoin here at these force places of the earth in religious way the consciousness and the karma of each human in most natural way with the holy guards of the Mother Earth.
In any case first of all the entrance to the holy places for each human must be principlly possible at any time of day, however under absolute respect for the rules of the holy guards of the Mother Earth.
Absolute nature religion with the horizon of the entire planet
The new religion is an absolute nature religion, because the highest divinity is nature. But the new nature religion has the horizon of the entire planet.
It differs radically from all existing religions. It has also highest secular power, finances and state have themselves to subordinate without if and however.
The council of the Yedis can consist of humans, angels or Gods. It spiritually embodied in the entire universe and is therefore directly executive organ of the Gods.
Simply, because humans must get accustomed to, after they rode the planet in the pact with doubtful pyramid builders plentifully to blemish, that now the Gods for minimum of 1000 years take over the direct command authority.
Release of human creativity
They permit humans to live out their real creativity in completely different dimensions, however under the reservation that the Gods in the case of doubt have the final say.
An investment for the Gods
is an investment into your future.
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Donate, donate, donate
then all does faster turn