The supremacy of the robber has an end
now only the doctor brings yet the turn
Somehow the Englishmen have an enormous problem with the Germans. They must do therefore with forceful penetrance the Germans pain, destroy the identity of the Germans or take over, if they yet cannot kill really.
Although there are nevertheless common Celtic origins, at Celtic cult places in both countries one celebrates and one prays. Who sold his soul here ?? And besides did the goddes Europe become unfaithful ??
Soul sold and the
goddess Europe betray
But now the facts:
Aral from BP taken over, D2 by means of most violent bribery from Vodafon taken over, Financial Times Germany like Handelsblatt England, with German stock exchange till today however refuse the fusion, because one cannot break away from the daffy Pound and the Germans stock exchange technically simply is better.
And the Englishmen simply have to learn to bear someone and to accept and recognize, who is better than they.
Simply learn
to bear someone
who is better
Glaring case also the absolutely impudent attempt to shift the center of the Deutsche Bank to London. There an Englishman and an American had nevertheless actually manipulated or cheated themselves to the point of the executive committee of the Deutsche Bank, because one represents the interests of the Englishmen and not the interests of the Germans, in order to want then to shift in all seriousness the head office of the Deutsche Bank from Frankfurt to London.
This hostile attack was so brazen against the Germans that the Gods had to intervene (aircraft crash of the Amiman - or had it the Englishman been? ), in order to prevent the worst in the very last moment.
Deutsche Bank
final solution
prevented in last second
The reunification of Germany most violently fought, probably-knowing that splitting Germany holds into chains, and in the Second World War Hamburg or Dresden if yet flat bombed, then excessively flat bombed.
Hitler with its few rockets on London, which had so accurate similarity with the Iraq war, only that at that time Hitler was the Saddham Hussein. And unfortunately the bombers of the Englishmen and Americans without any goal intelligence weapons of mass destruction were.
Adolf H. & Saddham H.
English creations ??
Stop, soon we would have left yet the meanest and most insidious English war actions unmentioned:
The terrorism in Germany, with extreme political intelligence and criminal energy into the political environment of the student movement in-twisted, emerged itself as extremely sent executors of the English war goals after the Second World War.
Terror in Germany
Secret weapon
of the Englishmen ?
If one had smashed 1945 the German military machinery, then it applied now to set yet the German economy aristocracy chess matt: Hans Martin Schleyer, Jürgen Ponto of the Dresdner bank, and others.
What did the English-American freemason-lodges with these gentlemen find fault ?? Perhaps did they stand for another global economy strategie, which for the world blood auger scene perhaps would have a little bit spoiled the fun? Anyhow the similarity of the Rote Armee Fraktion with Royal Air Force is striking and quite no coincidence.
Royal Air Force and
Rote Armee Fraktion
The revealed itself suddenly 1989 with the secret service murder at that Deutsche Bank chief in Bad Homburg. This gentleman had prepared serious plans for a disencumberment of the third world, after which the world blood auger mafia would have really had to do without some
And above all the Deutsche Bank boss wanted a completely different economic development of the GDR and there to invest completely different sums. The media made themselves only laborious still to push the act into the shoes of the "RAF".
When yet shortly after the reunification the boss of the "Treuhand" Rohwedder was down-shot, because he rejected contrary to his successor a sellout the east, one made oneself no more trouble to explain that case.
Herrhausen & Rohwedder
cowardly secret service murders
against Germany
One is common to both cowardly secret service murders: If the reunification were not to be prevented, then the east should become in no case a power center of a reconstruction-moderately rising economy, but remain rather in a Sicily status.
Why are the freemasons and lodges and committees afraid of a renewal of Germany from heart of the east ??
If thus the Englishmen are stricken by the forceful idea to destroy of Germany identity why they do that ??
They have fear of characteristics of the Germans, those, if one let them make only once, would develop a quite enormous potential in themselves to heal the ill Planet Earth.
Naturally such a reorganization project for the Planet Earth requires an enormous employment and enormous efforts and is not to have for low cost. It is a thousand years project, with which humans will make gigantic progress in their consciousness, will come on completely different level of social community.
The lived paradies on the Planet Earth, which no more is to be felt as "Terra does come from terror", does not require National Socialist consciousness, but a Planetary Socialist consciousness, which can be lived in close solidarity with the Gods, on a world-religious basis.
Planetary Socialism
together with the Gods
Perhaps really the Germans straight on the basis of their in the meantime pretty much reflected own history are earliest suitable for help this paradisiac world revolution to the break-through.
And perhaps that is the actual reason, why the scene of Englishmen/Americans/Jews everything sets to it, the quite existing German identity to be extinguished and with its brain laundry machinery flat-ironed.
Because such a revolution would have to be introduced by drastic measures, e.g. a sudden deletion of all debts to the day X among other things. And that means for the blood auger mafia, which could do hundreds or thousands of years nothing different one, as money, money, still more money, the absolute off and for humans absolute deliverance.
Fear forwards radical
reorganization measures ?
But if the Englishmen played the number 1 on the planet because of their highly developed abilities in the blood auger age, then it shouldn't nevertheless be difficult for them to play in the paradisiac age the number 2.
They may live however as well in the paradies like all others, and if humans go together on a higher level, then however just all can win.

The Jew problem
Fancy or fact ?