The infamous at the unlawfulness of drugs
That drugs, no matter which are forbidden and criminalised by the state, is a outrageous arrogance of the state, which is based on nothing else than on the blown up megalomania of the isolated Ego in relation to the Gods.
The crimalisation of drugs is also not to justify with the fear of the drugs, thus with the fear of the Gods and Daemons.
Consciousness-extending drugs such as mushrooms, cactuses or hemp to forbid is rather in the Third Millenium, thus on the level of the synthesis of the human evolution, a religious sacrilege excusable by nothing against the Gods.
The world community of humans must understand completely urgently that drugs absolutely belong to a fulfilled life of mankind, and that the central task consists of adjusting the use of the drugs world-wide. By the illegalisation of the drugs so far the UN and all wire-pullers make themselves guilty of numerous crimes:
1. The prohibitions breed just only that drug mafia with their criminal billion turnover, at which today a lot of respectable businessmen along earn, who want to take even no drugs and therefore the absolutely wrongest for this business are. The prohibitions lead costing- and market-adversely to absolutely superelevated fantasy prices for often dirt. Lies, cozenage and usuries become by the policy of the prohibitions the absolutely wanted deterrence stigma against the drug scene resp. consumers.
2. The real crime of the prohibitions happens however against the consumers. The junkies, who draw themselves up on the road with puddle water their syringes, are thereby only the tip of the iceberg. It is many worse in the normal everyday life, if one it becomes e.g. aware that the piece from Morocco once again contains above average many solvent residua. Or one for months asks oneself, why after the hemp consumption the eyes become so notedly bad, although hemp has nevertheless exactly the contrary reputation. Until one then suddenly awakens that any dealer pigs have mixed belladonna under it. There is not the smallest consumer protection, it gives nobody, who examines the drugs in the interest of the consumers for arrears. Or, in order to remain with the hashish, that there are to some extent standardized quality classes, a marking obligation etc.. By the unlawfulness the state provokes straight that criminal and malicious humans make their dirty business thereby. That is an absolutely diabolic method somewhat first to criminalise and then to say later, that is criminal.
In the Cannabis Free movement in the 90's a motto had crystallized which until today nothing has lost from its up-to-dateness: Liberty for the nature drugs - everything else into the pharmacy !
3. By the prohibitions the state makes itself guilty of the crime of the negligence and criminalisation of the youth, it almost drives it into the hands of criminal ones. Instead of bethinking itself upon its most distinguished task of care and to clear up the youth over correct and above all responsible handling the drugs. Instead of that the future of our society is exposed unrestrained advertisement for primitive drugs such as tobacco or alcohol, and one permits it that the best, who want more, full-plug themselves with any tablet dirt from pharma circles.
Drugs, thus ways of the Gods and Daemons, do absolutely not belong in the criminal law. It is not also enough to take any drugs out of the appendix of the Narcotics Law, but this law and this whole direction of this juristic exposure to the drugs belong absolutely and immediately on the heaps of garbage of history. That is worst stone age, from the dark era of the human evolution.
Because certain drugs can be also dangerous naturally, we need a clear discussion for responsible handling them over the fact that liberty of the drugs means: Liberty within responsibility. And responsibility means collective responsibility and that means above all transparency, transparency and again transparency.
Who wants to release all drugs from the criminalisation, thisone must say e.g. yes to the fact that the purchase of high-strengthened and chemically treated drugs in the pharmacy is without exception recorded. Transparency is however above all other clearing-up. In former times there were dealers, those still had performed this task, but that was a drop on the hot stone.
And drugs can let personal problems naturally break open and then perhaps needs the hemp smoker someone, who does help him. But what does the state do with its prohibitions. It looks away, because criminal lies outside of its competence and abandons the youth with seeing eye to the crime. Because the criminal ones want to make above all dosh, then already occasionally someone comes with his dirty heroin.
And then the national fighters against drugs presume themselves completely impudently to state, hashish consumption leads to heroin, although they drove the drug consumers into the arms of the criminal ones.
The churches, naturally they have fear of the drugs, because it concerns to a completely different divineness than there with this sad Jesus number.
This Jesus himself took aplenty of drugs, and the amusing crucifixion story was invented centuries later, when the Roman expansionism was exhausted and the bloodsucker age still wanted absolutely increase itself. There a religion, which binds the dreams and hopes of humans skillfully to the time after suffering, was an absolutely ideal idea. The last 2000 years of the dark, the second phase of the human evolution should be nevertheless as effective as possible, and therefore also completely intentionally e.g. most witch knowledge over the goddess nature was burned, because mankind should be forced over the science to invent everything again. So that nowadays some mad ones raised themselves even in there that they mean, humans would have a second Creation up now to mount. With the fact they know from the beginning that they can be never as good as the Gods resp. the Goddess Nature. Thank God now establishes slowly the awareness that humans concentrate their innovative energy much better on things, which are not intended in nature, as computers up to control of the force of gravity, which also is a very delightful task.

The churches should be glad. Because with the end of the criminalisation of the drugs world-wide the religion can move again into our life. Also the Christian God can free himself from his church prisons and mix himself once among the people.
Same like naturally the buildings of the churches often most valuable areas for religious activities of all kinds could be and then of course also the extent of utilization and financing of these buildings would look completely differently. When the Gods may return from the criminality again into our life, into our everyday life.
Correct handling the drugs must become a very central school subject, in combination with universal religion and ethics even an absolute main subject.
The boys and girls with the age of 16 and below are already today with largest expenditure manipulated toward tobacco, the world bloodsucker drug number 1, because there is simply nothing better for killing the surplus life energy of humans in the bloodsucker society. And then naturally alcohol plentifully, in order to down-rinse the whole grind over this life regularly. Alcohol makes stupid and nicotine makes blood and meatless.
Thus absolute advertising prohibition in the public for drugs of all kinds, whereby we there explicitly also add the whole products of the pharmaceutical industry. In first place clearing-up, clearing-up over drugs, that is the modern religious education, and product advertising really only at selected places resp. in selected shops.
Yet another word more to the pharma industry. The worst at this meander of the human science is that they make their profit in the long run with nothing different one to steal from the nature its valuable active substances, then those bring to the market for satisfaction of low and ostensible human presentnesses. Of course with such things taken out of the natural context with side effects, which open first the actual business: The medicines against the side effects.
The erring way of these diabolic pharma phantasts consists of it to think, the Gods in their most characteristic area, the creation of lives, being able to overtrump one day.
Dangerous and satanic meander, which bestowed us the gigantic health insurance company costs, not only that we finance these wannabe Frankensteins their experiments, but also yet regularly sacrifice us as guinea pigs.
Thereby there are so fantastic medicines like Symbioflor , which in the alliance with nature heal and not against it.
80 per cent of the medical activities would be unnecessary for example, if the plant hemp as one of the most ingenious cures against diseases of all kinds, were legal and certified. Because this plant understands it excellent to connect humans again with nature and the nature's lawfulness. Just these modern diseases such as cancer and AIDS, which actually only express that the human body has moved itself too far away from its actual origin the nature, can be restrained very effectively with hemp.
In the meantime it is also sufficiently well-known that the consumption of drugs in the spare time does not affect at all the work negatively, if one only wants to work. In the opposite it is of course so that, if the Gods feel up a work to support, because they find favours at this work and its result, that then with support of the Gods the work goes 100 times so well from the hand.

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