In any case ones must be
drastically sanctioned immediately
the hereditary sins
of the human nutrition:

About 200 % taxes uncooked sugars
and 300 % on crystal sugars.
These taxes must benefit
without exception the health service.

That means that also
grain and rice without germ
are sanctioned,
thus 200 % on weakly peeled rice
and 300 % on white excerpt flour.

Likewise when drinking
on the carbonic acid addition
with non-alcoholic beverages,
which need to be dammed
with an additional tax of 300 %.
Permanent carbonic acid supply
destroys the stomach and intestine health,
because it destroys the bacteria
of a natural stomach intestine Flora.

Furthermore world-wide
immediately all agriculture surfaces
are changed over
to biological farming
-- in fact after the German model.
That applies to agriculture
exactly the same as to
forestry and horticulture.

In principle, if those human species really wants to heal its planet
and to bring nature into an ecological equilibrium,
then that is possible!!!
Without losing the civilization.

With no exception each country only has to implement
the holy dogma of the stable equilibrium to 100%:
1 divides into 2, in plain language half of
the entire land area must be covered with forest.

This golden dogma creates then in return also habitat
for 20 billion humans without climatic disaster.

Of the 50% forest in each country again the half is owned
only by flora and fauna, thus at least 25% area of each country
are reserved for untouched jungle and original nature.
Absolute sovereign territory exclusively of the plants and animals.

The other 25% of the 50% forest area of each country
can serve the wood production.

Generally it is to become a people's sport
to uncover and exterminate
the ecological stupidities.

The maximum changeover period
of all agriculture surfaces world-wide
amounts to 12 years,
thus a Chinese astrologic cycle.

Of course also the whole
processing chain
for agricultureal products
is to be included
up to the final consumer
into this conversion process.

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18-FEB-2006 / 11-OCT-2011