Curse of chemistry cultivation and food assistance in the Third World:
Desert for the nature, poverty for the soil, illness for humans
The destructive behavior of humans with the topic meal is most beautifully described in the classical Batman film, in which the bad it regards as his most distinguished task to poison products of the daily need.
As it concerned in Gotham City only cosmetic wares, then there is it in the terrestrial reality all basic food. Since then humans discovered that one can prepare food also in an industrial way, one gives oneself all-largest effort to drive the meal the natural strength and the natural nutritional value out. Under the pretext from conservation and mass production in the past 200 years an industrial food production has developed, which aims at completely accurately to make humans ill.
Modern industrial food makes humans ill.
And excuses of the ignorance are not anything as lies. Because many decades ago e.g. the fact was already well-known that in the countries of cultivation of rice the introduction of the western bad habit of the rice peeling led to substantial vitamin deficiency disease ( Beriberi ). Even in the school books this fact is elementary instruction material. But as vitamin C lack with sailors ( scurvy ) still was to be assigned to the human learning process, is Beriberi an absolutely avoidable problem caused by humans themselves, like all the modern deficiency diseases.
If the ignorance of humans was main cause for the wrong nutrition ( apart from hunger emergencies or the like ) in the Middle Ages, then today the lack nutrition of mankind is house-made absolute. At least 80 % of all modern diseases are to be attributed to the biologically deficient and often dead nutrition.
Nutirion fiasco caused by UN food assistance.
The worst conditions prevail naturally in the Third World: There the UN with its food assistance is the main causer of the nutrition fiasco. It does not concern wars or disasters, where food assistance is certainly a human gesture, but around the permanent food assistance.
First of all humans receive the worst quality: There are bags with white flour, which is injurious to health anyway, after they stored 3 months in the uncooled ship belly, distributed to the poor and the lazies the third world. Or any finished products with an expiration date beyond of proper and bad.
Secondly this food assistance tempts completely purposefully to putridness and task of the own efforts: Instead of help thus the Third World countries finally on the own feet, so that they win their meal from their own clod, one makes them in the opposite dependent on food supplies, which cost neither work nor money.
The whole food assistance is thus an outrage at humans in the poor countries. No wonder that AIDS and other spread there particularly rapidly. The black ones do not have increasingly these epidemics, because they have so gladly sex ( ?? ), but because their immune system is so miserable due to the shitty nutrition.
And exactly the regions are concerned, where the stout jungle with its uncounted delicious fruits, plants and roots does not offer a reconciliation, but dry regions, where nature cannot offer so a reconciliation ( West Africa e.g. ). And therefore all statements à la "the main thing is, the poor in the Third World have something to eat" are worst outrage and lead only to supply to the medical-industrial complex millions new victims. There Third World politicians demand favorable medicines against AIDS, instead of packing the evil at the root.
Against AIDS Bio Agriculture is the only medicine.
What we need on the planet is a development policy, which has the well-being of humans exactly the same in the eye like the well-being of the earth resp. of the nature. The basic approach of biological cultivation in agriculture, forestry and horticulture consists exactly of arranging everything as various as possible. First of all to realize the cycle principle of ecological growing. The golden slogan for each bio farmer is that his task does not only consist of it, as healthy a food as possible to manufacture also richly at vitaminen and minerals, but likewise by his doing year by year increase the fertility of his soil ( humus content, water retaining strength, aeration, mineral materials ).
Development assistance with the cultivation of food can be only assistance to the self-help, and it is our most distinguished task to go into the Third World and to train and train with humans the nature-fair production of food again and again.
Conventional agriculture is a product of the bloodsucker epoch.
Conventional agriculture is a product of the bloodsucker epoch. One strikes few main nutrients in water-soluble form on the field, forces the plants to take up these when drinking, although the plant can normally steer this procedure with not water-soluble nutrients via its root acids, etc.. The missing, not in the NPK pack contained nutrients, searches the plant for itself from the soil, if it can still.
Because by the wrong nutrition with water-soluble artificial fertilizer the roots develop much less and the plant loses already alone thereby much of their natural power.
Or still more primitively: As in old times of slashing and burning, one plunders the fruitful ( jungle ) soil a few years, until it is leached out and leaves it then as half desert.
Crop rotation against spreading of the deserts.
Crop rotation for example is a most important characteristic of natural agriculture. Where are the crop rotation plans for the Third World ?? The spreading of the deserts is not to be due by any means only to the climate, but direct consequence of the predatory exploitation of the soil. Naturally the world community can supply the desert regions in one initial phase of the recultivation with water, if it wants only. But in the ecological agriculture it is not straight drips in the long term to give. Therefore the lasting task consists of repairing the natural fertility of the soil which was ruined by exploitation during thousands of years.
Natural fertility of the soil repair.
The old development policy was called: The bloodsucker like exploitation of the Third World to facilitate and the worst consequences to moderate, which a fallacy is. The new development policy is called: Go real outside to the humans in the poor countries and care you exclusive around it, that these humans learn the ecological agriculture, rediscover old traditions of operation close to nature, and you will see, that these humans with their innumerable willing hands within few decades theirselves nourish and even still are capable to export. All this does not work of course, if a development policy is limited to stick millions up any third world princes' ass.
Electricity and InterNet for each village.
But rather this works only in such a way, that qualified specialists go from here to outside, constructing by themselves the projects, at first the native ones to integrate and, if the projects really developed, deliver these very much later into the hands of the native specialists. Billions humans must learn this knowledge over the biological agriculture and forestry as well as the biological horticulture. But in view of the modern possibilities of communication there are undreamt-of possibilities of multiplication. Thus a modern development policy will also ensure as a priority goal that each village receives an electricity connection and a connection to the InterNet.

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