There cannot be subsidy without useful work
Definition in front:
Govermental subsidy = everything except the regular unemployment pay, that is private insurance, which one can join resp. nowadays, if under wages, one yet must join. And if one is self-employed, one may not join it nowadays. These two wrong regulations naturally have to be abolished.
Out of work: Sense question is the center of attention.
Who is occupationless, expresses by the fact fateful that he is dissatisfied with his/her existence. Therefore the sense question is his/her center of attention. He/She wants a new way in the life, perhaps a new challenge.
And what does our state do ? It says to the unemployed one: Take the subsidy and watch that you as fast as possible find again something to work. That is doubly shitty:
The state gives money ago for nothing, i.e. it pays, without getting somewhat for it. And the subsidy receiver is left alone, instead of offering to him/her something, which brings him/her back on the course.
The state gives money ago for nothing, the subsidy receiver is left alone.
The current rules of the subsidy receipt must be placed thus completely on the head, or better by the head on the feet:
It must apply:
English: Everyone, who subsidy receives, must work.
Who draws subsidy, must make him/herself useful for the community
Here or there take over a common task or also once help in the agriculture ( often needs just BIO more people ), or how many hedges would have still absolutely for nature -, landscape and plant protection to be put on?!
But because it concerns the individually affected primarily the sense question, he/her must have the absolute liberty to choose, what he/she wants to work.
But absolute liberty with the choice of the useful activity
Once again:
The State, the virtual community of us all citizens, has so many necessary tasks, which would have to be urgently taken over.
But remain being undone, because no money. Instead we, the community, pay our urgently needed helper for doing nothing..
And our potential aiders themselves are depressed, because them do not need anybody. They hang around, drink alcohol and have no feeling of self-worth.
The only one, which the subsidy receivers sometimes get offered, is a re-education for one year, and then watch out that you find accomodation in the free economy.
Although most perhaps not at all want to find accomodation in the free economy.
Community, self realisation and responsibility.
Separate they wish themselves a community interesting for their background, where they can carry out themselves also, and can learn to take again responsibility.
The coupling of subsidy and work brings the double use:
We citizens get genuine assistance for the work, which our virtual community requires, and the one individually concerned experiences the best and beneficial support, which one can get in such a state of distress: To be allowed an honest work to do, which one has selected by oneself and which means for oneself more or less the sense fulfilment.

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